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Recycling, the only way if we want a future

We are a company committed to the environment. Since 2009 we have been focused on helping companies in the industrial sector to generate environmental, financial and operational benefits, through our services: Green profit, Smart tracking, Management 360, Scrap reengineering, Forward , EPR certificate and Smart Recovery, which include the diagnosis of needs, the implementation of material handling programs, the support for customs procedures and many other strategies.

In Recilogic we contribute to make companies aware of the importance of environmental safeguarding through active collaboration and promotion of products, materials and resources reuse, so they can remain in the economy for as long as possible and with this, minimize waste generation.

We focus on developing awareness for the Integral Management of Waste through recycling culture and environmental conservation, satisfying commercial needs, with products of the highest quality and excellent customer service, working to improve day by day and complying with national recycling regulations.

To be a world-renowned organization that promotes the efficient use of resources and energy, reducing economic, environmental and social costs increasing competitiveness, through sustainable production, aimed at making more and better products with the reduction of resource use, degradation and pollution, adopting a systemic approach in order to achieve cooperation between participants of the supply chain, from the producer to the final consumer, so that current and future generations enjoy a better quality of life.

To make companies aware of the importance of environmental safeguarding, through active collaboration, promoting the products, materials and resources reuse, in order to keep them in the economy for as long as possible and thereby minimize generation of waste.


Green Profit

With our global Green Profit system we help the industry to capitalize on its metal, plastic and cellulose waste competitively, immediately and in compliance with current environmental and foreign trade regulations through the standardization of our programs:

Scrap Reengineering

Reverse engineering analysis in order to avoid the material mixing within the process and detect areas to reuse the company scrap. In addition, we design the reports standardization for better material control.

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EPR Certificate

We deliver a certificate that guarantees the safe and adequate material destruction with the purpose of recovering raw materials following strict quality standards.

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Smart Tracking

Documentary process through a digital platform for safe and efficient management and tracking of your waste that will allow you to have traceability.

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Management 360

It seeks to meet your waste collection and management needs through a strategic, operational and financial plan to maximize profits.

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Comprehensive customs management, logistics and documentation

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Smart Recovery

We provide high-quality plastic resins from post-industrial waste for the production of second-generation plastic products. We offer ferrous and non-ferrous metals with specific alloys. Specification compliance Backup guarantee High degree of property conservation


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Our Team.

Victor Gómez

General Manager

Pedro Molina

Director of New Business

Bastian Siedler

International Sales Executive


No, Recilogic company is dedicated to collect and process industrial waste produced in large monthly quantities (40 tons).

No, Recilogic's services are comprehensive and specialized, ranging from the collection, processing and reengineering of non-hazardous waste, to the management and co-processing of scrap. Each company has different needs, to which Recilogic responds with comprehensive, personalized and specific solutions.

Thanks to our scale service and the collaboration with Geocycle, your industrial waste will never end up in the sanitary landfill. Our Green profit system aims to guarantee good scrap management, generate savings, avoid customs fines and optimize your company's internal processes.